Sam Sharp – LabVIEW Champion 2019

It is a great pleasure to be recognised for your contributions to a community and as a LabVIEW Developer, there is no greater recognition than the LabVIEW Champions programme.

The LabVIEW Champions are an elite group of “individuals who demonstrate technical excellence and a willingness to give back to the community”. There are ~120 active LabVIEW Champions worldwide.

It is therefore a great honour that Sam Sharp, the founder of MediaMongrels Ltd, was admitted as a LabVIEW Champion in March 2019.

This great award comes from years of delivering successful LabVIEW projects and contributions to the community such as:

  • Presentations at User Group Meetings, the CLA Summit and GDevCon
  • Contributions to the NI Forums
  • Founding member of GDevCon (tickets for #2 in August are on sale now!)

Thank-you to NI and the community for this great achievement and a huge congratulations to everyone else that became a LabVIEW Champion in 2019. What a great community!


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